Solva Rum

Solva Rum


Honest men and women made of the sea, the salt and the wind, hauling their illicit goods up the high cliff faces of St Brides under cover of darkness, the moon their only witness.


Tea, spice and sugar all exotic to these shores. The best they kept for themselves, stowed deep in the caves at Solva harbour’s western approach, fine tobacco, fruits, gunpowder and of course Rum!


Solva rum evokes these memories, a crisp, smooth, smokey rum, with plenty of flavour, black tea from the orient, bergamot from Seville and only the finest tobacco. A rum with real character.

Created in Summer 2020 to coincide with the Edge festival, this cask aged rum is a real gem. Enjoy long over ice with coke or ginger beer. Garnish well with orange or lemon.

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