Where it all began...

In mid May of 2018 a group of taste testers set out to create a gin for the upcoming Edge Festival, a celebration of the arts, food, music and sport. This ably skilled quartet consisted of Josh, Colin, Kay and Mad Carol with over 100 years drinking experience between them, with the guidance of Alex and Ellen at In the Welsh Wind, they developed the unique flavour profile of Solva Gin. After some extensive debate we settled on what has now become that trademark flavour a truly unique gin experience, quintessentially Solva.

Solva gin evokes the essence of that old maritime tradition, Smuggling!


The only thing worse than a thief is the excise man trying to catch him. Recalling the old trade ships that brought tea to Trinity quay, a sheltered haven in a storm, a refuge from wreckers, for both pirates and smuggglers. A familiar place to Bartholomew Roberts, John Callis and Howell Davis.

As the ne'er dowels hauled their ill gotten gains up the craggy face of Pen Dinas, in view of Ogof Tobaco and Ogof Melyn, the heavy laden sack of finest tea from the orient was dragged through the gorse that crowns the headland peaks. It is this unique blend of tea and gorse flower that characterises our splendid gin.

Wherever in the world you may be there is nothing better than a glass of Solva!

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